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Completing the survey to tell Kroger what you thought. If you are a regular shopper at Kroger Supermarkets and want a little help with your groceries, check out the below survey for your chance to win $100 gift card to spend in store. The Kroger Company is one of America’s largest grocery retailers with a huge range of products, pharmacy and fresh foods.

Tell Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

Have you been shopping at Kroger Supermarkets and Pharmacies. Tell Kroger about your recent shopping experience at one of their stores across North America, by taking their customer satisfaction survey at We found the survey easy to take and should take under 10 minutes to complete.

How to Complete the Kroger Feedback Survey

The Tell Kroger survey is available in both English and Spanish. Make sure you have your receipt from your most recent shopping experience in order to take the Tell Kroger customer satisfaction survey and follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey website at
  2. Select English or Spanish as your language choice
  3. Read the Kroger Sweepstakes Rules for prize details
  4. Read the Privacy Policy to see how your personal information will be used
  5. Use your receipt to select the date and time of visit from the drop down boxes
  6. Use your receipt to enter the store, terminal, transaction and operator numbers
  7. Enter the survey entry code and click start
  8. Rate your shopping experience on each question by selecting answers from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied
  9. click next to continue to answer all questions (a progress bar will show you how far you are from finishing the survey)
  10. Fill in your contact details including name, address, phone number and if you are over 18 years of age.
  11. Click next to finish the survey and be entered into the sweepstakes to win $100 Kroger Gift Card – Win a $100 Grocery Gift Card

For your chance to win a $100 Grocery Gift Card, take the Tell Kroger customer satisfaction survey at Are you looking for the new Kroger Feedback survey

About Tell Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey

New Website: Kroger Feedback Survey Old Website: Prize: $100 Grocery Gift Card Español: Encuesta de satisfaccion al cliente Kroger

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Time to complete - 2
Ease of use - 3
Prize - 3


  1. I enjoy shopping at different krogers in my area and the great deals they provide. Their employee/s are very helpful and I find many .The stores have a large selection of groceries to choose from.

  2. I really enjoy the staff at Krogers in Lambertville, since they have expanded the store products have changed isles the staff have been extremely accommodating. It was very overwhelming at first but now there is more items to shop for. The days when I am in a hurry to pick up only a couple items there is always someone to assist you for fast checkout. I am a Kroger shopper.

  3. I Love shopping at Kroger’s have been for years. They really do have competitive prices from all the other stores. They are always having Sales and Coupons. I will continue shopping there forever!

  4. Wow I shop at fry’s marketplace and everything it’s always fresh, low price, high quality food better then Walmart that’s what I think.

  5. My husband and I like shopping at Kroger in Nacogdoches and Orange, TX .We always find a good variety of meat and produce.We also shop at Dillons when we are in Kansas.We always get fast and friendly service and the best price for gas.

  6. I love kroger. I used to go shopping around from store to store weekly for the best prices, well not anymore. No matter what sales ads I look at or where I go Kroger has the best prices. Kroger is for me and I know where every things at. There’s always a store manager at checkout directing customers for faster checkout lanes. Every time I tell my six year old daughter were going shopping she asks’ Are we going Krogering mommy” it’s so cute.

  7. I love shopping at east point Kroger in Columbus Ohio!! You rarely have to wait in line and all the store employee’s are great. I can’t wait until they get done remodeling the store, it’s going to look great. This Kroger is located very close to my house so it’s convenient and it also has a gas station which is nice too. It was nice having fifth third in the store as well, but I no longer back with them. Keep up the good work Kroger!!

  8. All of my families prescriptions are from Kroger’s, there is no other for us. We have been shopping at Kroger’s since we have been married,which in February will be 14 years. We are very satisfied with our shopping experience.

  9. What a wonderful place to shop. From great prices to caring people. There to help when in need. What a great environment to be in. I love shopping at Kroger. They always have what I need and then some.

  10. We shop at the local Krogers, all the employees are so helpful and friendly just like a family, love the fresh fruit and vegetables, the store does a great job in keeping stuff moving and fresh.

  11. I have been a long time Kroger customer. Recently, I moved to Vancouver, WA and found Fred Meyer which is great because they are part of the Kroger family, so I can count on good prices and service. My usual store is 7411 NE 177th Ave in Vancouver. There are good people there and some have taken the extra time when I have had questions or needed help. They are good, but I still miss the people at the Hartwell, OH store. There was a certain genuineness that you just don’t find very often. Other employees are polite and help you, but that is their job. It is one of those things you really can’t measure, because it is just a feeling.

    I am happy with Fred Meyer and I will continue to be a cross country Kroger customer.

    Thank you,

    Margot Rice

  12. On Sunday, Sept. 22,2013, 11:10 am, I was checking out at the self checkout at the Kroger on 4816 S Laburnum Ave, Richmond, Va.23231, when your Cashier, Tanisha proceeded to help me with my order. She knew the codes for my produce, gave me credit for my bag, and was just very helpful and courteous. You could surely use more Tanishas in your store. She knows what good customer service is all about, which is a lost art in this world! Thanks Tanisha, and thanks Kroger for hiring her.

  13. My Kroger store is right around the corner from my house so it is very convenient for me. I have been shopping there for years and also get my prescriptions there. Very nice people that work there, very helpful and courteous.

  14. The Kroger/Fry’s employees are always so friendly and helpful at the store where I shop. I take an elderly neighbor shopping there each week and the employees are always cheerful and brighten her day. Also we can always find the products we are looking for.

  15. We have shopped a Krogers for many years, the employees at the Lake Lansing Store as well as the Okemos store are very help full no matter what we want or need they are always courteous and help full, we have never encountered a bad employee or any one who did not offer help.

  16. I am glad that Maple Valley, has a Fred Myer, I enjoy shopping there, Its net and clean easy to find, everyone is very helpful and friendly. Love the one stop shopping. Been a fan for many years. My grandmother lived in Portland, when visiting her from CA. we would make that the place to go.
    Many thanks

  17. Kroger’s is the best, better than all the Rest! They are competitive, customer caring,provide the best customer service ever! employees are always kind and curteous, and the prices can’t be beat, they have excellecent sales on so many items especially the manager sales!,I feel relaxed while shopping, the produce always are fresh,gas points are a Super Fantastic Perk from a Super Fantastic Store, Kroger’s♥

  18. I enjoy doing my shopping at King Soopers use the stores are laid out in such a way as to make what I’m looking for easy to find. The stores are clean and comfortable to shop in. With my sooper card I save money, and many times I buy the 10 for 10 items. The quality of the meats is good and I have never been disappointed. I will continue to shop King Soopers although I have to drive a little further and pass up other stores to get there.

  19. Our family’s Kroger is less than 3 miles away, so it’s very convenient to shop there. I love Kroger best because the deals totally beat Publix which right across the street and the freshness of the meats and produce are far better than that of Wal-Mart. Not to mention the staff there is always very friendly and extremely helpful, especially in the pharmacy where unfortunately I must frequent several times a month. I always leave with a smile on my face. Thank you Kroger! 🙂

  20. I love shopping at Kroger`s. I have been for years. I like the friendliness of the employees. I especially like the way it is kept clean and isle is marked to help find what you are looking for. I like the double coupons and the points for gas.

  21. Just as the slogan goes, “Shopping is always a pleasure at Kroger.” For me, this is so true. I can always find time and relax when I’m strolling through Kroger seeing all the good things on sale. It just brightens up my day when I can save a dollar, and that goes a long way with me being a college student. The people there are always so nice and it just makes it an overall great atmosphere to be in. I love Kroger’s produce section because it’s always fresh and never ceases to amaze me at how they beat competitors prices.

  22. i love my king soopers at firestone.all nice employees and everyone is nice.i like denice.joleen,and some nice people in the deli. i will always stick with my soopers and the coupons i get in the mail are great THANK YOU

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