– Jo-Ann Customer Feedback Survey – Jo-Ann Customer Feedback Survey

Jo-Ann Customer Feedback

Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores are the ideal place to shop for your craft and home décor with everything from scrapbooking & knitting to fabric designs, storage and lighting. Recently shopped at Jo-Ann for your crafty ideas? Give your feedback in the online survey and maybe even win a $25 Gift Card to spend on arts & crafts.

Jo-Ann Customer Feedback Survey 

Jo-Ann Customer Feedback Survey is designed to find out if they are providing the best service possible and offering a range of products to help you with your sewing and craft needs in all stores across the United States. – Win $25 Jo-Ann Gift Card 

Tell Jo-Ann what you thought of your recent shopping trip by rating your experience in the feedback survey at Have your receipt handy to input your store, register and transaction numbers as well as the date and time of visit to a Jo-Ann store. As a thank you for completing the survey, Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft stores are giving away $25 Gift Card for 20 lucky winners every month.

About Jo-Ann Customer Feedback Survey 

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  1. I enjoy shopping at Joann Fabric’s as it has a wide variety fabrics and crafts which makes me very satisfied.

  2. JoAnn’s Fabric Stores are my homes away from home. I try to stop in at different locations to see what the other stores have in comparison to my home town. I was looking for a certain yarn and the JoAnn”s staff went all the way to back of the store to help me. They are always helpful and courteous.

  3. joann fabrics is my home shop to shop…I love the extreme choices and even if I cant find what I am looking for I still leave with something…yeah for Jo ann fabrics

  4. We just went to Jo-Ann Fabric and craft store this afternoon. Our Lancaster, Pa store had been remodeled. We were very happy with the changes that were made. Seems like more products and navigating in the store was pretty easy. Reminded me of the “other” craft stores. We were treated great by our check out girl and were given a great coupon discount of 50% off. Also I found everything I was looking for, plus my husband found a great storage box with removable dividers that he is going to use to store his postage stamp supplies. (He collects stamps since he was a child so he has lots of supplies) We are very happy today.

  5. Went to the Ballwin MO store today. Brought the wrong coupon and the checker pulled out a valid coupon and I saved $19.00. I shop at this store a lot and really appreciate that he went the extra step.

  6. I am always at Jo-Ann Fabric Store looking for gret bargains, I never come out empy handed.
    I love that store. There is a diverse work environment with very knowledgeable and polite people.

    Thank you
    Vrana Anderson

  7. I love this store…the large & different selections are wonderful…the employees are very knowledgeable & patient with some one who is new to crafts or sewing…I love this store !

  8. Yesterday, a friend and I visited the Santa Rosa, CA store. I needed help in the fabric department. The young clerk who was helping me admitted she didn’t have the expertise. She promptly called another, more experienced employee back – they temporarily exchanged stations. After having my material cut and shopping for other merchandise, my friend and I went to check out. The employee (Pam) who had helped me in the fabric department was one of the checkers when we got to the front of the store. She asked if we had any coupons. We hadn’t brought any with us. She showed us how we could obtain coupons using our iPhones. What professional, yet personable, help we received!

  9. I really enjoyed my shopping experience, I found the fat quarters of materials that I was looking for easily and with a wide selection of colors and prints! I love Joann Fabrics! even my screaming two year old grand daughter did not ruin the experience for me! All the people that work here are very nice. I would love to work here myself! I was at the Springfield MO store on Sept. 4, at 10:59 am.

  10. I’ve been introduced to quilting recently and the one place that everyone keeps telling me to go is to JoAnn’s. (I’ve been 4 times in one week)……I love the selection of different fabrics to choose from! The ladies at our local store (Baybrook Area in Texas) are very nice and very helpful. At the Corpus Christi location, had one very nice lady help me choose colors, even had a customer get excited over some of the color fabrics I was choosing. 🙂 it was a great experience! Definitely coming back! Thank you JoAnn’s!!

  11. My shopping experience at Joanns is always a pleasure. I have been shopping there for years and only had one bad experience. I always tell my friends and family about Joanns.

  12. After hearing the news that I am going to be a grandmother, I decided to get back into knitting . I was delighted to find JO ANN’s offered knitting 101 and signed up immediately. I had a coupon for 50% off a class (thank you!) and found Betty in the Middleton MA store to be an enthusiastic, friendly and Knowledgeable teacher. I may even get back into sewing now that I know there are refresher sewing classes too!

  13. I am a very crafty person,so ishop a lot for supplies.I really do enjoy going in Joanns because they do have a wide assortment.I do wish they had more arty yarn.It would be nice if they had and craft department,where they taught crafts.

  14. I so love Joann’s. I buy all my material and items there. The selections are superb and customer service is beyond nice. Always a smile and a helping hand. The store is set up to leave you not wandering around looking for the right items…love love love you …thank you so much.
    Mindy J. Dahl

  15. I Love Jo-Ann’s! Always something new to look at and I never leave empty handed! 🙂 I’m never disappointed in their inventory, they always have helpful staff and most of all I Love Your Coupons!

    Keep Up The Great Work!

  16. I went to Joann’s today and had such a great experience! They were so helpful, and knowledgable about where their stock was! Which in so many stores is not the case! I look forward to going again and again! Thank you for being nearby!

    So everyone knows which store? Sherman, TX!!!

  17. Today was one of my numerous visits to Joann’s, however if future visits are the same, I will finding another option. There were only TWO people working and the store was packed. The line for cutting was seven to eight deep, but the checkout was the worst. When I got in line, there were 13 people ahead of me and soon there were six behind me.
    The two people working were EXCELLENT! and they were doing the best they could. I think it is unfortunate they were the brunt of this poor management.
    Hopefully, this was a one time event.

  18. I went to JoAnn’s today with my coupons that I receive thru the mail. It helps to get the coupons when I purchase my scrapbooking supplies. I had a number of things that were on sale and the things that were not I would use my coupons. When I went to check out the cashier said I could not use my coupons on the higher priced die cut that I wanted to purchase. To me I thought if it isn’t on sale you can use the coupons. Cashier told me it is in the fine print on the coupons. I think JoAnn’s would do a lot more business if that was changed to anything that is not on sale you can use coupons for. Just a thought!!!

  19. Just found a great Jo-Ann fabric store in Glendale, CA… Clean, organized, friendly and ez parking. I will be a regular now.

  20. Love JoAnn’s! Always have specials and hardly ever pay full price. It is almost always very well stocked. If you can’t find the fabric you need; it probably doesn’t exist.

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