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OfficeMax is the second largest retailer of the United States for office supplies. If you had been enjoying its services for supplying materials to your office, here is your opportunity to let the company know about your business experience in one of its more than 1000 stores via our store survey.

OfficeMax Customer Satisfaction Survey is the site through which you can participate in its store survey by entering the 11-digit survey code located at the bottom of your receipt. Through this survey, the company intends to know your satisfaction level, while shopping in any one of its stores. – Enter to get an OfficeMax store Coupon worth $5

To appreciate your time and effort, OfficeMax awards you with a $5 off voucher when you spend over $25 at Officemax for every completed survey. To receive your voucher you will need to enter your email address. The voucher is valid for 24 hours so make sure you are ready for your shopping trip before completing the survey.

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About the OfficeMax Feedback Survey

Prize: $5 coupon for next purchase over $25 at Officemax


  1. Service personnel was Zach. He was knowledgeable, personable and helpful. At check out. Dillon was very pleasant and helpful.
    Many thanks to Zach and Dillon

  2. i feel the need to share a very enjoyable shopping trip i had at my local officemax store. i took my two 7yr old grandchildren with me to the store thinking i wouldn’t be in there for 5 minutes, but as you know young children they were amazed at all the ‘neat and cool’ stuff on display. since they were behaving very well i let them ‘shop’ by themselves while i went and found what i needed. they would come back every couple of minutes and ask can we buy something…. can we get 2 things… can we… can we… the boy asked if the store had playing cards, i said i didn’t know but to go up front and ask for help. the girl wanted something else specific and i also told her to ask up front that nanna didn’t know if they had that or not.

    well they came back with their chosen 2 each limits and they said ‘that man up there helped me find this… and the girl would say ‘that lady helped me also’ etc. etc.

    minutes into our shopping trip one of the men up front found cooper, my boy grandchild, and told him he had found playing cards, oh the smiles that followed were awsome!

    anna-laura, my girl grandchild, found a figure that you could decorate with the included markers and stickers and was very thrilled.

    well, to make a long story short, the two agreeded that ‘nanna’s ‘ officemax store was as fun as toysrus!

    ya’ll have a great crew at this store, from the counter men, to the attendents on the floor/aisles, to the kind lady who checked us out and i think you need to be told, thanks from household to yours.

    karen louise

  3. I had a very helpful young woman assist me with scanning and then printing some cards. When I asked about a red pen she told me about a current special you had. She was most helpful and because of her I am switching my business to Office Max and the store @ 17th and J in Sacramento.

  4. I wanted to make some special copys of some important documents. Mariah was so helpful and very knowledgeable that it made my experience very quick and easy. From now on that’s the only person I will be working with in the future. Thanks OfficeMax for recognizing Mariah’s talent.

  5. Visited Office Max on Jan 25,2016 service at the copy department was top notch. Shelton was really great. He assisted me with every question and concern about the copy job I had. Survey Code: 6245-04-6601-6

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