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Bertuccis Italian Restaurant

Bertucci’s Italian Restaurants bring you a delicious menu using a brick oven to add extra flavour to your pizza and pasta dishes made to order.

Bertucci’s Italian Survey 

Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant wants to make sure that customers are receiving exceptional service and that they are exceeding your expectations each time you visit. By giving your feedback you are helping Bertucci’s Italian to find out what they are doing well and what could be improved. 

To enter the survey visit Bertucci’s Italian website at and click on start survey. To participate you will need the survey code from your receipt on your recent visit to Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant. Continue to give feedback on the meal you were served, the restaurant atmosphere and the service from staff. Bertucci’s Italian thank you for your feedback and helping them to succeed in continuing to provide delicious food and attentive service.

About Bertucci’s Italian Survey 

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  1. Bertucci’s, in the opinion of this single person who doesn’t cook, is the best value in quality dining. If you want: (a) really good Italian food, nicely-spiced, with character; (b) a menu of sufficient variety to appeal to a broad range of tastes (and occasionally refreshed); © pleasant, flexible staff; (d) a clean, casual atmosphere; and (e) NOT to wince the next time you see your VISA bill; then Bertucci’s is all of that, and more.

    Anecdotally: I first came to Bertucci’s (long ago) for the pizza; I haven’t ordered pizza there in a decade or more (i.e., there are too many other enticing options now).

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