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American Consumer Opinion Surveys

American Consumer Opinion is an online paid survey site offering members the chance to voice opinions and earn rewards for each survey completed.

Make your opinion count by signing up to complete paid surveys and test new products giving feedback on packaging design, advertising and new product launch ideas at

Why join American Consumer Opinion Surveys?

Signing up to American Consumer Opinion is free and as a member you will participate in a survey at least once a month. Depending on the length of the survey will be taken into consideration on the points rewarded for survey completion. Survey incentives range from 100 to 5,000 points, a free new product to test, cash or gift prizes.

Sign up at to complete American Consumer Opinion Surveys

If you want to become a member and make your opinion count visit   and sign up to complete opinion surveys. To register you will need to enter your contact details and about your household – to find out which surveys you are eligible to complete. Membership is limited to 1 person per household and once you have signed up you will start receiving surveys on products and topics that relate to your household.

Your opinions and ideas will be used to help companies and brands make decisions about new product ideas, advertising decisions and customer service suggestions. To reward you for the time taken to give your opinion, you will earn points or choose to test new products for free.

Earn rewards with American Consumer Opinion

Paid Survey website:
Sign up page:
Rewards: points, cash, check, gift cards, free trial products


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