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Toluna Paid Surveys is one of the top survey sites for US consumers wanting to have their voice heard. Toluna surveys work by answering surveys, voting in polls, testing products and participating in topic discussions on things that matter most to you. Toluna rewards members with points for each survey poll completed, redeemable for Cash, Gift Cards and Gifties, which send a virtual gift to your friends that may become real.

Test new products and give feedback in Surveys with Toluna

Participate in Toluna Surveys and you can redeem them for some great rewards. Members can also select products to test such as cosmetics and grocery products.
Enter into polls to voice opinions and participate in quick votes to get quick points. Maybe you are a few points off that Gift Card – just do a QuickVote to top up your points.

Earn money and Prizes for completing Toluna Surveys and Polls

Claim rewards with your survey points with prizes from 150 to 150,000 points ranging from $5 Starbucks Gift Card, $25 iTunes Card and a $50 Lowes Gift Card. Toluna members can use their points to enter sweepstakes to win big prizes including $4,500 monthly draw. There are also games to be played at a small points cost to win smaller prizes.

Become a Toluna Member at and Earn rewards

Signing up to receive Toluna Surveys is easy just visit to register and fill in the boxes as follows:
1. Read the terms of use and membership at . This can also be found above the sign up button at the bottom of the page.
2. Enter your personal information including name, email address and username and password you will use to sign in to complete surveys.
3. Upload an image to represent yourself (this is optional)
4. Enter in your address including country, state, city, street and Zip code.
5. Select the boy or girl icon for your gender
6. Enter your date of birth, education, race, ethnicity and household yearly income to allow Toluna to get to know you better and the type of surveys to send you.
7. Add your additional information including employment, the number and if you are the primary grocery shopper for your household.
8. Select the number of people and number of children under 18 in your household.
9. Click to subscribe to the newsletter if you would like and click to sign up.
10. You will receive an email and will need to confirm your membership by clicking the link in the confirmation email to get started taking surveys with Toluna.

Earn Prizes at – Win $4,500 in the Sweepstakes

Earn points to enter sweepstakes and choose prizes with your points including:
– Gift Cards
– Cash Prizes
– $4,500 Monthly Draw

Toluna Survey Website:


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