Tell GameStop Customer Experience Survey –

Tell GameStop Customer Experience Survey –

tell gamestop

GameStop Customer Experience Survey is official site of the GameStop customer experience survey. The survey will take under 5 minutes to complete and your feedback will be used to continue improving the GameStop shopping experience. – Win a $500 GameStop Gift Card!

Upon completion of the GameStop customer experience survey you will have the chance to enter the $500 GameStop Gift Card Sweepstakes. 10 Winners will each recieve a $500 GameStop Gift Card!

For your chance to win a $500 GameStop Gift Card, take the GameStop customer experience survey at

GameStop Customer Experience Survey

Prize: $500 GameStop Gift Card


  1. Olympia its always a great help she’s always in there when i go in i usely spend more then 100$ each time love going to Gamestop

  2. I love GameStop the service Is fantastic Chris is there most of the time in he keeps my hands full of games and game info on upcoming games in dates……. GameStop is Great……

  3. Game stop has been the best place to get my games and out of 100 stars I give the 100. Also the employes are super nice they will help with all of your concerns.I really really love game stop

  4. love going to gamestop Reese is always a big help as soon as I come in he knows me on a first name basis and that I really love

  5. I love gamestop and bryan was so helpful I got what I wanted and was out of there so quickly thankyou game stop and bryan =)

  6. Great expierence today went into game stop was greeted right away told about some deals and was interested in what we were in for today i had questions about a game and if they had it melanie answered all my questions and checked availability for that game and checked us out in a timely manor. Very satisfied !

  7. All of your games in gamestop is very fun and good prices and very neat i have bought alot of games from gamestop, i never buy my games from anywere else accept gamestop only the one on hwy70south because you have all the games that i want.

  8. Game stop has great service. The employees are always helpful and seem to know quite a lot about all of the games. 5 stars

  9. I recently placed an order at the GameStop at the Market Place in Irvine, CA. It has been years since I found a clerk that was so helpful! Needless to say, I will always shop at this GameStop. I know very little about these games and this young man was courteous, patient and helpful. I was truly impressed.

  10. I just shopped at the gamestop in Burleson, at the gateway station store, the two working at 8:00 PM on 10/1/2013 were the best customer friendly people I have ever had the please to deal with. I had a bunch of stupid questions and they both were so very helpful and patient. I am an IT director and I deal with service every day, and I wish half my vendors were this way. I have been to other game stops and this was by far the best experience. I spend quite a bit of money on games and I am not ashamed of it,. lol, so this will be the store I go to from now on even if its out of my way. I am in no way saying other stores have had bad people, but I have really never seen anything like this, these two were just amazing. Keep up the good work.

  11. I have been very pleased with my experiences shopping with GameStop. I just picked up my pre ordered X and Y Pokemon Games and am delighted with them and all my games from GameStop!

  12. I love gamestop every time I come in they already know what I want. They have all the game I look for even the old ones. I’m a regular costumer at gamestop. Every time I go in I fill like I’m in haven. Gamestop is they only please I get my game. A true fan.

  13. The people that work at gamestop are very nice they tell u about the deal that they have the always have great deals

  14. I was at gamestop today and when I walked in and I felt good because the people at gamestop helped me to find what I wanted to play when I got home so because of this long live gamestop love you guys <3 <3

  15. It was really fast I walked in traded in a few things got the money picked the game paid got out the survive was nice the employees was nice.good job GameStop

  16. My Favorite store is Gamestop at Westfarms Mall. I always stop by and check the deals on the games or anything. Like today its Black Friday and it’s hectic, the line was no joke but the guy’s did a good job tackling the line

  17. Gamestop is so fun I like the employees there they are nice and they get games for when I am lookin for one, I like the hoilday they gives you games under 10 dollars,are you can just come in and play the games that’s why I Will get every game in my life from gamestop that’s why I love going to gamestop

  18. I love shopping at the Red Bluff location they are always so very helpful and knowledgeable, when I am done making my purchases I always feel like I have made the right decisions. Also they are always very cheerful and upbeat.

  19. Claudia did amazing service. It was speedy and accurate. I always have great service at the Mission store in SF and had dealt with her at another location previously as well. I’ll definitely be back to buy more Xbox one games!

  20. Daniel is always the professional… Knowledgeable and very informative. He’s quick to help and has a board knowledge of games and platforms … All around good guy

  21. Gamestop has everything ready for people who walk in the door andthey greet you nicely and asked me what I was looking for I can’t believe it was so fast so I went up to the front desk and I met aris he helped out a lot I was in and out less than 2 min. Icant believe it thank you Aris and thank you gamestop.

  22. I have been going to our local gamestop for several yrs. now. I must say the people there are all very knowledgeable about all the games, there is no question to small or to big that they don’t know the answer to. A special Thanks to Amber, just love the way she treats her customers.
    Chuck Stout Sr. Alliance, Ohio

  23. My names jeremiah and I went to game stop to by a game and there good people discounts systems and games the guys at the counter
    Are nice helpful and and do whats best for the costermer eb games, gamestop is the best place to get games so shop there and let them hook u up

  24. My name is jessica and my husbad and i stoped by game stop in sandsprings the guy was very helpful and positive any question we had he had the answer its the best place to go stop by there if u wouldn’t like to be stressed out just buying a game or game system

  25. Thanks to Ethan I always enjoy going to the gamestop on Geer Rd in Turlock! Very knowledgeable guy, keeps me up to date with everything I need to know and treats all customers very well.

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