Seasonal Shopping & Sales

Seasonal Shopping & Sales

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Seasonal Shopping & Sales

We share our top tips for saving money and shopping smart each season.

Read our guide to find out the best sales and products to buy in-store and online each month.

January Sales

New Year Sales: Holiday items are priced to clear, making it the perfect time to save money on decorations, cards, gift wrap, presents and more.

The White Sales: The ideal time to buy bedding or linen you may need for the rest of the year, as sheet, pillows, bed covers and pillow cases go on sale. You can shop online for this sale too.

Winter Clothing: Clothing starts to go on sale in January which means you can buy boots, scarves and coats for less.

February Sales

Valentine’s Day Sales: From February 15th you’ll see prices drop on all themed holiday products.

President’s Day Sales: February is a slow month for retailers, so many stores will go on sale for President’s Day. Household items such as dinnerware, furniture and electronics typically go in sale during this time. Online shopping also offers special deals that cannot be found in-store.

March Sales

Spring Sales: It’s the beginning of a new season, which means stores will want to clear out all their old stock. Take advantage of this time by stocking up on outdoor recreation equipment for next Winter.

Garden Sales: The weather is getting nicer, and everyone wants to get back into gardening. Competition between stores means you can buy all your gardening supplies for less during March. It’s a great money saver, so we recommend stocking up for the entire year.

April Sales

Easter Sales: You’ll find discounts on Easter decorations, chocolates, candy, eggs, clothing, accessories and more. If you really want to save money, buy everything you need to the following year and keep it stored away. Then you won’t need to spend any cash next Easter.

May Sales

Home Improvement: Summer is on it’s way and homeowners are looking to do odd jobs they’re been putting off all year. An increase in demand means that Home Maintenance and DIY Stores will drop their prices, so you’ll save money on everything you could need for around the house.

Memorial Day Sales: Anything and everything is reduced in-store on this holiday. Again, try online shopping to save money during these sales.

June Sales

Father’s Day Sales: You will find that home improvement and electronics retailers have special sales for Father’s Day, however many of the items that are reduced are common household needs. If you are after a new television, power tools or iPad, you might be able to save money if you purchase it during June.

July Sales

4th of July Sales: Another holiday that encourages shopping. Retailers will mark down 4th of July themed products, as well as general merchandise like clothing, furniture and electronics.

Summer Sales: Fall is just around the corner, so most fashion retailers will reduce prices on their Summer clothing, shoes and accessories. These discount are also offered on the majority of online shopping sites, so if your size isn’t available in-store it could be available online.

August Sales

Summer Clearance: The final clearance on Summer items is held during August, so expect to pay less for outdoor furniture and sports equipment. You can also save on seasonal items like fans, barbeques, air-conditioners, lawn mowers, pool and beach accessories.

September Sales

Back to School Sales: If your grandkids or children are heading back to school, you will be able to purchase a great range of school supplies for less money if you shop during this month. If you don’t have kids going back to school, you can still benefit from these sales buy stocking up on office supplies for the home, such as paper, books, pens and even computers.

Labor Day Sales: Keep an eye out on all your favorite retailers to see what items they reduce in the Labor Day specials. And don’t forget to shop online too.

October Sales

Columbus Day Sales: Almost every store in American has some type of promotion on Columbus Day, so you’ll be guaranteed to save money if you shop on this day.

Halloween Sales: On the 31st of October, be sure to stock up on all your Halloween decorations for the following year. They’ll cost a fraction of the price and if stored correctly, be in perfect condition next year.

November Sales

Winter Prep Sales: Competition between retailers forces stores to have competitive pricing on all Winter clothing items like coats, gloves, scarves and boots.

Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales: The biggest sales in the shopping calendar. You won’t want to miss these incredible money saving events, especially if you love to shop. If you love online shopping, Cyber Monday is the day for you – money saving deals without leaving the house.

December Sales

Winter Starts: Items for Winter are still on sale, so if you haven’t bought a heater or Winter clothing, now is your last chance to buy it cheap.

Christmas Sales: On December 26th, you can expect that all Christmas merchandise will be reduced. This is the best time of year to buy Christmas decorations, wrapping paper, cards, toys, clothes and much more. Store it away until the following year and you won’t need to spend a dime.


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