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Hot Topic Survey Review

Hot Topic is an American based retail chain store selling music and popular culture inspired apparel and accessories. They aim to be the loudest store in the entire mall, which they successfully pull of with their store designs and the kinds of stuff that they sell. Hot Topic began business in 1988 and now has around 642 stores with the majority of these stores situated in shopping malls across the country.

Hot Topic Guest Feedback Survey

Is Hot Topic one of your favorite retail stores? Do you shop at Hot Topic to get your band tees? How would you rate the customer service on your last visit to a Hot Topic store? They value their customers’ thoughts and opinions, so why not share them at

Completing Hot Topic Satisfaction Survey

Entering is rather easy.

  1. Visit
  2. Choose your preferred language option between English or Spanish
  3. Read the instructions before you begin the survey
  4. Have your recent purchase receipt with you
  5. Fill out the fields required and click ‘submit’
  6. Enter in remaining answers and details

About Hot Topic Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Your feedback will help Hot Topic improve their stores


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