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Gabes Customer Satisfactino Survey

If you love famous brands with great discounts, you are sure to know all about Gabes. With 38 stores in Kentucky, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and West Virginia, the network of stores offers clothing for the whole family, accessories and a range of things for you home for over 50 years. Now the store wants to hear from its loyal customers and is inviting feedback in this survey

Gabe’s Store Survey – a chance to win a $100 Gabe’s gift card

Do you love the great customer service you receive at your local Gabes store? How about the wonderful range of junior fashion and clothing up to plus sizes? Now’s the time to share your thoughts about Gabes at go into the draw for a chance to win a $100 Gabe’s gift card.

Completing Gabe’s Store Survey –

Entering this survey is easy. Head to and using your last store receipt, enter the date, store number, register number and transaction number from your receipt. Next you can continue to rate a number of statements relating to your most recent store visit, including the appearance of the store, the fitting rooms, the products, the staff and the service you received. You can also indicate if you would recommend the store to others. If you wish, please selected an additional question from the drop down menu to provide addition feedback on and indicate if you would like to be contacted regarding the feedback you have provided. You can then enter your personal contact details and check the box to indicate if you would like to be entered into the sweepstake draw for a chance to win a $100 gift voucher.

About Gabe’s Customer Experience Survey

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Survey prize: a chance to win a $100 Gabe’s gift card


  1. Although I love the store and have many great items..I’m very disappointed with the rewards system. I now have
    almost 500 points and have not received any of my $5.00 rewards coupons..No one at the store could help me
    and I’m a little annoyed that I’ve spent a lot of money and nothings been sent to me by email like they told me.
    Hope you can resolve this matter..

  2. Had a great time at Gabes,Love the bargains.Always leave the store with some purchase.Had an excellent cashier,very friendly&helpful.

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