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Five Below stores offer a range of products for kids including DVDs, crafts, toys and candy. Planning a kids party? Then visit Five Below for all you need in games, books, girls makeup and nail art as well as gift ideas.

Five Below Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you shop at Five Below and want to give your opinion on the fun kids range of products offered and service you received go to to complete the survey.

Visit Five Below survey website at and answer questions on your in-store experience. The survey should only take 5 minutes to complete and asks you to rate the service you received. A panel at the bottom will show you how far you are along in the survey.

Five below also offer the chance for 7-17 year olds to sign up to receive surveys and giveaways as well as take part in focus groups based in Philadelphia at

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  1. I love five below,five below is my favorite store I don’t know what else to say because u guys are all so great and your customers a are nice and very sweet and all of your stuff work like your pencil sharpener and I just don’t know what else to say thank you so much five below!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I would like to thank thw store #235 for thwm helping me find what i need. The cashier 123650 i give a great appreciating to. She helped me find everything i needed and was very very polite. She was very busy with little help seemed to be by herself but got mw in and out of the store. That girl was wonderfu, handle me and the customers in line very well and respectable. I appreciate that in a store, very qell cleaned. I have been in rhe store several times in the past and came acroos the same cashier 132650 and was always so respectful, helpful and smiling. I think she deserves a raise for her hardwork that she does. Thank you

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