– Barnes & Noble Customer Satisfaction Survey – Barnes & Noble Customer Satisfaction Survey

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Barnes and Noble Customer Satisfaction Survey

Do you enjoy browsing the aisles at Barnes & Noble to find your favorite book, author, music or movie or shopping online searching over a million book titles?

Barnes & Noble Customer Satisfaction Survey 

Barnes & Noble is the ultimate shop for book lovers and wants to make your shopping experience easy and fun. Tell Barnes & Noble what you thought and you could win a Nook HD+ tablet to read your books, download apps or watch a movie on. Win a tablet or $300 Barnes & Noble Gift Card

To enter visit the Foresee Survey website at and select when you visited a Barnes & Noble store. Customers must have visited a Barnes & Noble store within 7 days to be able to be eligible for the survey. Complete the details from your receipt and submit to continue to the survey. Once you have given your honest feedback you will be entered into the sweepstakes to win a Nook HD+ or $300 Barnes & Noble Gift Card.

About Barnes & Noble Customer Satisfaction Survey 

Prize: Nook HD+ or $300 Barnes & Noble Gift Card


  1. I absolutely love Barnes & Noble Book Stores. I have a Nook and love the free Nook books. It has widened my list of authors I like. My only problem is when I get a request to write a review, your web page will not let me. I point at the “Write Review” and the top of the page comes up without the ability to write anything. What am I doing wrong?

    On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the best, I would give Barnes & Noble 100.

  2. I love Barnes & Noble book stores! I go there to spend my time. I love the cafe to relax in, and the books are great! I was looking into a Nook HD+ (smoky colored) anyway! B&N is a great place to go and hangout with friends or to get some alone time. I would definitely say that Barnes & Noble is a great, relaxing environment to be in, thank you so much! I hope to hear back from you!

  3. Love,Love,Love Barnes & Noble always something for everyone. The smell of coffee brewing when you open the doors convincing you to stop for a while. Who wouldn’t like that?

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