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Tell Kroger Customer Satisfaction Survey is the official website for Kroger customer satisfaction survey. If you complete their short survey, you will go into the sweepstakes to win a $100 grocery gift card. The Survey is available to take in both English and Spanish.

Kroger appreciates customer feedback and strives to improve your shopping experience. Your survey feedback will be used to improve Kroger customer service and experience. – Win $100 Grocery Gift Card!

To start the survey, you need to enter the survey code printed at the bottom of your receipt. Then you will help answer several questions about your shopping experiences at your Kroger store. Read the sweepstakes rules and drawing period before taking the survey. Upon completing the survey you will go into the sweepstakes to win a $100 grocery gift card.

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  1. Go 4-5 times a week..Smith’s keeps their promises of quick checkouts..majority of employees are friendly, polite, and helpful

  2. I think this particular Kroger has gotten better at making sure the produce (fruit) is fresh. At one point I thought I was never coming back there. They havr gotten a lot better with. I didn’t have any other problems. The employees are so polite and helpful.

  3. Krogers of Corbin both locations they always have great deals when it comes to the 10 for 10 deals the employees are always polite and kind inside the store or at the gas pumps. The cashiers are always a BIG help in all ways.
    I say thank you to all that work at krogers for all your hard work and deadacation to making shopping there a delight.

  4. Your store is always a pleasant experience. Your customer service is very good. I find your products and store to be second to none.

  5. Always shopped at Fry’s Store a get the best deals by using KROGER’S PRODUCTS and love it!!!

  6. I regularly shop at Krogers. I really like the selction of fresh vegetables, and salmon. I feel as if I am purchasing fresh, reliable, healthy products whenever I shop at Krogers. My wife and I are very much into nutrition and we love the sales on fruit products aslo. At times we can’t cook because of our busy schedule, so we purchase Chicken already cooked, and vegetables salads. We feel it is just about the best alternative for us because it is cooked fresh at the store and it is economical and nutritous. Oh, it would be a crime not to mention the “BEST SUSHI” in town! My wife is Asian and she loves it for lunch!
    Thank You

  7. i shop at kroger in laporte, texas store #319 i have had problems every time i shop there. i have to go to the courtesy booth and get my refund for being over charged on every visit. i shopped and bought the same product 3 times in one week and had to go get a refund for being overcharged on this product.the customer service people see me coming. but my other problem is that the store does not care enough to change the price that it is supposed to ring up at. this is theft in my thoughts. .how many other customers buy the same product and dont check there reciept. i have 2 grocery stores close to me and both are krogers and this stinks. i know i will never hear from yall but i have record i emailed kroger and they are probably not interested in somebody who spends 600.00 a month at there store. thanks for the hassles. jeff dudley

  8. I have always shopped @ Kroger, nowhere else! No other grocery store comes close! From the fresh veggies and fruit to the lovely flowers and book deals! Oh, lest we forget… THE BAKERY! My favorite!

  9. I go to the Food For Less in El Sereno CA and I love their prices
    But I hate the way the young cashiers lack customer service skills. They need to be trained big time on how to properly greet the
    customers. They don’t tell you hello, they don’t tell you thank you when you pay, their scanning your groceries and talking with other cashiers and being very unprofessional. They need to learn how to behave at work and how to be curtious with the customers. That’s my only complaint.

  10. I really enjoy the Kroger store in Dickson, Tennessee. The people that work there are so friendly and I love saving, buying the Kroger brands.I really save and they are just as good as the name brands.

  11. I used to shop at Save Mart. One time I went into the Smiths service deli in carson city. I will never shop anywhere else ever again. I was greeted by the most wonderful lady. Her name was shellie in the deli. She was attentive, friendly and funny. She sliced my cheese perfectly without me asking and layered the cheese with paper. I felt that was going the extra mile. This is what i call a valuable employee. Keep up the great work!!

  12. I shop at Kroger’s in Douglasville GA at least 2 times a week and I have had the best service, Bill weight in the produce dept. has always been so helpful to me and always greets me..and Eric Gardner in seafood dept. has gone above and beyond in helping me and always gives wonderful service. Thank you for making my shopping most pleasant.

  13. Krogers Home Dept Dave King Graceland south high and Morse Rd
    Excellent experience. Everyone was extremely helpful. Then dave took it to the next level. He escorted me to find my product. Thanks Dave #016422

  14. Krogers is a great and easy way to shop!! Everybody is so friendly and nice when offering If I need any help!they have the best deals and everything is right there so you don’t have to go anywhere else! The samples also add a nice touch that makes me want to buy the product!!

  15. I’ve never used a krogers but once my first time over 2 yrs ago I was hooked. It’s so convenient I find everything I possibly need from gas, food house hold items, ect. I give krogers all my business and a 10! Keep up the great customer service;-) Ty

  16. I have always had very good customer service at Kroger. The employees are always willing to help me find the item I am looking for. The produce is fresh and they always have a very good selection in the meat department.

  17. Wanted a chicken that was cut up as I am old and hands are arthritic: your clerk was so nice and helpful and did it for me even though I know he was very busy. I have found your store employee`s to be so helpful and friendly even when the store was real busy. I as a customer really appreciate that.

  18. I have had a good experience with shopping at the Ashland, Ky. Kroger store. I can always find items that other stores do not have available.

  19. Mena, the check-out clerk was very helpful, friendly, and courteous. I shop there all the time. I am able to find everything I want easily. The clerks are always visible, so if I need help, they are right there to help. Many times when they walk down the aisles, they always ask me if they could help me even without me asking.

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